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Wood Art

Wood art has been an age old practice dating back since the ancient times. Wood art still has its appeal because wood used as a material to create art pieces is inherently beautiful in itself. The artist need not focus on creating beauty in wood. All he needs to do is enhance and give more character to the wood so that people may be able to see its beauty from a different perspective. There are artisans today who still have that talent in getting that inherent beauty in wood out in the open for others to notice. We have such artisans here at Bowl Maker to carve out lovely wood creations that appeal and fascinate. We have a wide collection of lovely wooden creations here at Bowl Maker for you to check out. These wonderful wooden works of art are great wedding and holiday gift ideas to friends and relatives. They can also be great as lovely art display pieces that you can use in decorating your own home. Our artisans follow a demanding and long process in order to give you a finished product with the qualities and the excellent character that you look for in wooden art pieces.

If you are interested in wood art, then Bowl Maker is the right place for you to look for lovely wooden creations. Our wood art collection comprises mostly of unique wooden bowls lathe turned to give you a product that is specially created for your discriminating eye for detail. Each wood bowl that we have are formed and created following an extensive 13 step process. The process starts with finding the right wood to work out into lovely wooden bowls. Here at Bowl Maker, we try to look for different exotic wood varieties that we can use for our lovely wood creations. We give our customers a variety of choices so that they may have a wide range of wood art to check out. We look far and wide from Costa Rica to Austria just to find the finest exotic wood varieties for our lovely bowls. Then the exotic wood variety chosen to be used for the bowl undergoes proper wood drying after being formed into a raw art creation. The wood bowl is then given the right amount of oils as finish to keep it looking new and fresh and to protect the wood surface. Each art piece usually undergoes though as many as six coats of finish in order to give each wood bowl the protection that it needs.

Wood art here at Bowl Maker brings together form and function in every wooden art piece that we make. That is why we chose to offer you a collection of special wooden bowls that you can use as display pieces and even use as a utensil during special occasions. We have a wide selection of burl bowls for you made from the different exotic wood varieties that we have collected form all over the world. We also have lovely wooden vases available for you as well as a host of other wonderful wooden vessels that you can use for a variety of purposes. Aside from wooden bowls, we also have several wooden platters available for you in a variety of sizes and wood materials used. We also have as well a set of wooden rolling pins for you and an assortment of unique wooden fruit art that you can complement any wooden bowl as a unique display piece on any table. Here at Bowl Maker, you can be sure of choosing from only the finest wooden art pieces that you lay your eyes on. We have been in this business for a good 10 years now so you can be sure of getting the expertise and the experience that you may not find anywhere else. We take pride in the quality and the exquisite art pieces that we offer to our customers. We put a lot of our passion into every wooden art piece we make. We enjoy looking at the fascinated eyes of our customers once they take a look at the lovely art pieces we have for them.

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