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Wood Bowls

Wood bowls can make interesting décor in your home. Wood bowls of different kinds are available for you here at Bowl Maker. We have wooden bowls for you that you can use in a variety of ways. They are lovely art pieces that have functional features to give you an item that works both ways. They even make wonderful wedding and holiday gifts aside from being an ideal decoration around your home. Here at Bowl Maker, we take pride in what we do. We make our wooden creations with passion. We do not just to do this for the sake of the business. We offer these lovely wooden creations to you because we enjoy making them. We try to give character to the wood and make it come out alive. We want to create wooden art pieces that can be approved by even the most discriminating eye. That is why we have taken so much trouble trying to collect different types of exotic wood that we use for all our wooden creations. We choose wood varieties that have that character and excellent grain that we look for. Then we have our skilled artisans experienced in the art of wood turning to fashion out unique and lovely wooden bowls for you.

Here at Bowl Maker we have wood bowls available for you in a variety of forms. We have several wooden burl bowls that would surely charm you. We have several burl bowls made for you with the passion and dedication of a true craftsman. Our artisans make each bowl to capture the natural beauty of wood and present them to you in a finished wooden creation that displays the wood’s natural grain and shade. Our burl wood bowls are created with their natural rough edges left untouched to add to its uniqueness. We have several of these burl wood bowls available for you in different exotic wood varieties. We have big leaf maple burl bowls up for grabs. We also have a cherry burl bowl for you to check out. We have an ash burl bowl as well as a brown malle burl bowl for you to look into as part of our burl bowl collection. We also have wooden bowls with smooth edges if you prefer them. These bowls are also available for you in different wood varieties such as elm, cherry, maple, and ash. We have them available for you in a variety of sizes that you might want to check out.

Bowl Maker also has several salad wood bowls for you that bring together excellent form with function. These bowls can stand alone as display pieces but you can also use them as an appropriate utensil around the house. We have them made available to you in a variety of sizes and wood types. We also have several wooden salad tongues available to go with your lovely salad bowls. We also have an oak chopping board available for you as well as a set of durable wooden rolling pins for you. You can collect all these lovely wood creations and put up a collection of unique utensils that you can either put up on display or use in the kitchen during special occasions. You can be assured of getting quality wood creations here at Bowl Maker. We have been in this business for almost 10 years. Our experience and unequalled craftsmanship in creating such lovely and remarkable wooden art pieces for you still remain untarnished and unmatched. We treat each of our wooden creations individually with the patience and care of experienced artisans. We take pride in what we do and take pleasure in seeing customers fascinated and charmed by what we have done.

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