Every Make and Model are one of a kind
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Wood Turning

Wood turning techniques can make beautiful creations out of raw wood. Wood turning creations are available for you here at Bowl Maker. We have a variety of original wooden creations for you to check out. We create lovely wooden bowls for you from exotic wood pieces that originate from around the world. What we have are hand crafted pieces derived from lathe turning. The process that we use in making our pieces is a long process that needs a lot of patience and careful treatment. Working with wood can be very difficult. One mistake and an artist may not be able to catch the materialís true character. It takes a patient artist with passion for the craft to fashion out remarkable wooden display pieces out of wood. Here at Bowl Maker, you will be able to see a wide selection of unique hand crafted wood bowls that would make ideal wedding and holiday gifts as well as lovely pieces that you can use to decorate your home with. Our wooden creations are one of a kind. No other wooden bowl we put up on display would look exactly like any other. We have searched far and wide to get the finest exotic wood to use for our creations to offer you wooden pieces that touches your soul.

The wood turning process that we use here at Bowl Maker is a long process that requires several steps in order to come up with a finished product that customers will grow to love. We make sure that in every piece that we make, quality and beauty are not compromised. We only offer you the very best of our creations. That is why we take each careful step in the wood turning process of fashioning out each bowl. The exotic wood that we use plays a part of the beauty that comes out of every wooden art piece. We try to search the world for raw wood material that exudes beauty and those that have the perfect shades that we look for in creating every piece. That is why we have a varied inventory of exotic woods coming from Costa Rica to as far as Austria in order to give our customers a diverse selection of quality wooden art pieces to choose from. The excellent craftsmanship of our skilled artisans at wood turning can help a lot in creating wooden art pieces with the quality and workmanship that the most discriminating of customers try to look for in every piece. The passion that our artisans put into their work also contributes to the whole character and beauty of the pieces that we have available for you. You have to check out our selection of wonderful wooden pieces to see for yourself what we are talking about.

Here at Bowl Maker, you can choose from several lovely wood turning creations that we have available. We have several vases that are up for grabs. These beautiful wooden artifacts are available for you in a selection of different exotic woods. You can choose a piece that has the character and wood grain quality that you are looking for. We have an ash vase available as well as a beautiful vase made out of the exotic rain tree. Donít forget to take a look at one of our many vases created out of ambrosia maple that you would surely love. Aside from lovely wooden vases, we also have several beautiful wooden bowls for you to choose from. You can check out our wooden bowl selection created from a variety of quality wood grains. We have a lovely bowl made out of maple and cherry. We also have bowls made from sycamore and a salad bowl made from the walnut tree. We also have a lovely assortment of fruit wooden pieces available for you made out of selected exotic woods. Other functional wooden pieces that we have available for you include cherry wood rolling pins, oak chopping blocks as well as several lovely decorative platters. There are a lot more lovely wooden creations in store for you here at Bowl Maker. Our passion in this craft and the enjoyment that we get from it makes us continue on creating exquisite art pieces out of wood for you.

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